Kratom Wellness is now Botanical Wellness

Welcome back to our online store.  Even though we have changed our name from Kratom Wellness we are still one of the most trusted sources for Kratom on the Internet.  Based out of the Cincinnati, OH (Ohio) and Northern Kentucky areas we are the same company with the same ownership, employees, products, and customer service that you have come to trust and respect.  To prepare for offering a larger variety of ethnobotanicals we have changed our name to Botanical Wellness.  Our customers have asked for us to carry other products that they buy online.  So when our customers speak we like to listen.

Hundreds of you have contacted us to let us know the other products that you would like to purchase, but we know we haven't heard from everyone.  If you have any thoughts that you would like to share please don't hesitate to contact us.  We love hearing about other ethnobotanicals and how they would be a great addition to our online store.


Ongoing through the Summer and Fall of 2014 you will see new products being carried by our online store, along with slight changes to the product menus.  By the end of the Fall some of the new products that we will be carrying include the following:

* Kanna Powder, Crushed, Powder Extract and Resin Extract
* Wild Lettuce Powder Extract
* Sibiricus Crushed
* Wild Dagga Crushed, Powder Extract and Resin Extract
* Canavalia Crushed and Powder Extract
* Tongkat Ali Powder
* Passiflora Powder Extract
* Blue Lotus Crushed, Powder Extract and Resin Extract
* Amanita Muscaria Powder Extract
* Syrian Rue Powder Extract
* White Lotus Crushed
* Red Lotus Crushed
* Kava Kava Root Powder and Powder Extract
* Calea Zacatechichi Crushed
* and many more!

We have a strong commitment in place to expand our products, but we could not do any of this without your continued support.  We appreciate your business and your trust in us as a quality supplier of Kratom and other ethnobotanicals.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.


Thank you all for your continued business!