Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)

All of our Kratom is organic and 100% natural from raw to finished product.  Some of the trees are cultivated on small farms, but the majority are grown in wild jungle patches throughout southeast Asia.  Our growers follow strict practices and ancient traditions that do not allow for the use of pesticides, insecticides, or artificial fertilizers.  Additionally, the drying and final preparation processes are done without using chemicals of any kind.  What all of this means is that our finished product is always 100% natural leaf powder.

When you buy from us you can be confident that your product contains NO additives (aka - "spiking" to artificially inflate perceived quality), NO preservatives, and certainly NO fillers (aka - "cutting").

* Note:  We do not sell manufactured forms of Kratom, such as, "ultra-enhanced" blends, extracts, tinctures, or resins.  We are committed to selling only 100% natural, unadulterated Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powder.

* Note 2:  We are not able to ship Kratom to Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, or Wisconsin at this time.

Inventory status updates can be found on our Current News page.