** Our Business Has Closed Temporarily Until Further Notice **

Due to our loss of credit card processing and local banking services we have had no choice but to close our business. If we are able to find local banking services for the business again we will reopen, pending the legislative and regulatory changes within the industry. As of right now we are officially shutdown for the time being. If we are able to reopen with different banking services we will send an email to all customers notifying you of the change of status.

Thank you for your understanding. We're determined to come back if possible.

Our industry is under attack from multiple angles.
When you're attacked this hard, it usually means they're scared.

We are a small family business located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have been involved in the botanicals industry since at least 2009. Among our other botanical ventures, BotanicalWellness.com (founded in 2011) is the newest with a focus upon more than just selling products. We are disgusted to see websites and storefronts pushing these botanical products as some sort of "legal high." These vendors are generally doing so simply in the interests of earning a buck. They don't fully understand the products that they are selling, and their marketing campaigns and irresponsible behaviors are a sure fire way to draw negative attention to various plants that may have potential benefit.

Guaranteed Quality

Our quality is hands down some of the best in the industry. With each new batch of products we receive we put them through a thorough quality review and screening process. Only batches that pass our tests are available to our customers for purchase. Additionally, we store our product in a way that helps to ensure complete preservation with no loss in quality prior to purchase.

Product quality doesn't stop after the product has left our facility. To keep the product fresh for our customers, we package our products in UV-resistant resealable bags that preserve the product's quality. Our UV-resistant packaging is superior to the packaging used by most vendors. Our bags comply with USP XXII and USP XXIII procedure 66.1 with light transmission not exceeding 10% at any wavelength from 290nm to 450nm. Don't be fooled by fancy colorful packaging (black-colored bags, stand-up foil bags, etc) or led to believe that standard ziplock bags are sufficient. Only our UV-resistant packaging can keep the product preserved for an extended period of time.

If you find that a product that you have purchased is not up to your expectations (for any reason), contact us no later than the 5th day after delivery of your order and we'll get you straightened out with either a refund or exchange.  Use our Contact Us page to email us or submit a contact form request and we'll walk you through the process.

Always Affordable

Despite the high quality of product that we sell, we seek to keep our prices competitive with the rest of the industry. Because we purchase in bulk directly from the growers, we are able to offer our products below the majority of vendors on the Internet. While pricing is certainly important for everyone in a tough economy, you'll find that our quality and service are worth a far higher price than we request. In fact, we believe that dollar for dollar and gram for gram that our products are the best value available anywhere.

At Your Service

In this day and age it seems that companies don't really care about providing quality products and quality service.  Everyone has a nightmare story to share about having to deal with poor customer service.  It's not just an issue with large companies.  Small businesses are also guilty of brushing aside their customer's concerns so that they can move on to the next customer that's ready to spend a buck without hassle.  We are adamant that we will never fall into this routine and become just like every other company out there.  We take service very serious.  Take note, though, that we won't tolerate shenanigans.

No matter the size of an order, all customers are given the same level of personal attention. Whether it be answering questions about a 1 Ounce package or placing an order for 5 Pounds, our focus is on making your experience the best that it can possibly be. Our opinion is that even if our product is the highest quality and the most affordable available, if our customers aren't the most satisfied in the industry then we have failed at our objective.

Thank you all for your continued business.

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