** Our Business Has Closed Temporarily Until Further Notice **

Due to our loss of credit card processing and local banking services we have had no choice but to close our business. If we are able to find local banking services for the business again we will reopen, pending the legislative and regulatory changes within the industry. As of right now we are officially shutdown for the time being. If we are able to reopen with different banking services we will send an email to all customers notifying you of the change of status.

Thank you for your understanding. We're determined to come back if possible.

Our industry is under attack from multiple angles.
When you're attacked this hard, it usually means they're scared.

Major Debit/Credit Cards

We do offer Mastercard and Visa as a payment method.  We have found a processor that is friendly to the Kratom and CBD industries so we have a very positive outlook regarding our ability to continue offering this payment option.  All payments are conducted through a very highly-secured external payment portal that uses the latest and greatest in security to ensure that no "hacks" or "leaks" are possible.  The portal itself isn't very "sexy" in appearance, but it gets the job done.


Bitcoin is an anonymous payment method that does not rely upon the traditional banking systems to transfer payment from one party to another.  If you are unsure of how to utilize Bitcoin we are happy to help.  Just let us know.

Money Order

We are accepting money orders as a method of payment.  During the checkout process you will be given the address and instructions for sending your payment.  Orders are processed and sent out as soon as payment has arrived.  Please be sure to send using either Certified Mail or Priority Mail and email us your tracking number as soon as your payment is sent.  That way we can track its progress and ensure there are no issues.

Alternative Methods

We are currently reviewing other non-traditional payment methods as alternatives to the banking system which isn't favorable to our industry.

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