** Our Business Has Closed Temporarily Until Further Notice **

Due to our loss of credit card processing and local banking services we have had no choice but to close our business. If we are able to find local banking services for the business again we will reopen, pending the legislative and regulatory changes within the industry. As of right now we are officially shutdown for the time being. If we are able to reopen with different banking services we will send an email to all customers notifying you of the change of status.

Thank you for your understanding. We're determined to come back if possible.

Our industry is under attack from multiple angles.
When you're attacked this hard, it usually means they're scared.

DEA Banning Kratom - Delayed!

The DEA decided to schedule Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine (the key alkaloids within the Kratom leaf) as Schedule 1 substances at the end of September; however, they received massive push back from everyone with the Kratom community and from within our own government.  As a result, they have delayed the ban and opened up a "public comment" period that will last until December 1, 2016.  After that point it's unclear what, if any, action they will be taking.

We are safe, for now.

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